Where can I buy Eco-Luv Nappies?

Our nappies are available online and also in-store at certain pharmacies in and around Sydney: Emu plains pharmacy, Astley mobility and Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse at MCGrath’s Hill.

What are the available sizes?

At this stage we have 4 sizes that covers babies from 6-16 kg+. Our sizes run a little larger than some standard nappies making them more convenient and accessible for babies with sensitive skin and special needs, plus, in general our Aussie babies are a bit bigger than other babies around the world – we say this with much LOVE!

Where are the nappies made?

Our nappies are made of high quality raw materials that originated form USA and Japan and constructed into a nappy in China. This gives extra quality and comfort to bub. The nappies are specifically designed that the outer layer is made out a very porous (cloth like) material making the nappy very breathable.

Why do my baby's skin react to some other nappy brands?

Some nappies are made from plastic-based non-breathable material and this can cause skin irritation and nappy rash.

What is the difference between Eco-Luv Nappies and standard brand nappies?

Most standard nappies are made of plastic-based non-breathable material, which not only causes possible skin irritations but takes hundreds of years to break down.

Our nappies are made of very high quality raw material and we made sure that they are ultra-thin making them more breathable and lighter in weight. This doesn’t affect the absorption of the nappy though, the nappy can hold up to 400 ml of fluid (urine) staying dry to ensure less wet contact to bub’s skin! They also don’t sag when wet even if your baby is very active. The absorbing gel in the nappy. can stay intact for over 24 hours to ensure comfort.

Are your nappies safer on enviroment?

Yes they are!

Our nappies are made of very high quality biodegradable ingredient and they  not less than 75.8% biodegradable. Some parts of  any  biodegradable nappy cannot decompose easily,  such as the elastic band and the absorbing gel as this what make the nappy functional. Other parts of our nappies such as the top sheet (non-woven fabric) , back sheet (non-woven fabric) ,absorption paper, fluff pulp can be decomposed in around 28 days.

What is the absorbing gel and is it toxic?

The gel is called sap and it is NOT toxic when it comes into contact with your baby’s skin. We tried to include a very minimal amount of this ingredient to get a functional and safe nappy. This gel should not be ingested though as it would then be considered toxic – in the rare case that this happens,seek medical advise immediately.

Can Eco-Luv nappies cause nappy rash?

Our nappies are made and designed to reduce baby’s skin irritation and discomfort. It is very unlikely to experience nappy rash. We have a great deal of satisfied customers due to the design and quality of our nappy. Our nappies are not made from plastic-based material and this makes them very breathable and less irritating.

“Being a pharmacist for over a decade I come across mothers struggling with their baby’s nappy rash. This was not always due to the quality of the nappy. Sometimes it is due to incorrect sizing; how many times they need to change the nappy; how long is too long to leave the nappy unchanged; nappy free time; eczema; teething; dermatitis and many more reasons can lead to irritation and nappy rash” – May

Therefore if your child experienced nappy rash or irritation and you are confident it was due to our product please discontinue using them and discuss the matter with your GP.

The founder of Eco-Luv nappies is a registered pharmacist and is able to answer you enquiries if your child suffers from nappy rash or irritation in general.


Can I buy the nappies in bulk?

Yes you can, send us an email at [email protected] or contact us here for the quantity that you’d like to order. We will give you a quote that includes shipping.

Can I mix and match nappy sizes with my bulk order?

Yes you can! when you place your bulk nappy order, please select the package you would like and then you can email us if you have a specific requirement of each size. this could be very handy when your child is in between two sizes or when you have more than one child in your care.

Do you ship internationally?

Our website is set up for shipping Australia-wide. Should you want us to ship outside of Australia please contact us here or via [email protected]

Do you have another question not mentioned here?

Please contact us via [email protected] or contact us here for any other queries.